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"Nest... as a hiding place in the sky" - Artist presentation by Kelsey Braun at aceartinc.

  • aceartinc. 290 McDermot Avenue, 2nd floor Winnipeg Canada (map)

Nest… as a hiding place in the sky considers space as an illusion, as that which shifts between the perceivable and the peripheral—we can often hear the birds but cannot see the nest. Constructed from a foundation of sound extracted out of field recordings, foley, found-audio and gestures of sonic improvisation, this work is a multi-channel composition for a room. Nest…. intends on establishing an ocean of vibration where time and space are nudged towards an obtuse and poetically shifting experience. Speakers dispersed throughout the gallery underline one’s sense of proximity and complement the room’s physical material—in some cases transmitting sound from within the building itself. Nest…. encourages a heightened sense of hearing, relating the aural to architecture, social space and memory.

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