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A Continuum by Diane Blakeley, Opening Reception at cre8ery

  • cre8ery 125 Adelaide Street, 2nd Floor Winnipeg Canada (map)

Additional Gallery Hours: March 31-April 10, Tuesday to Friday, 12-6 pm, Saturday, 12-5 pm

I have always wanted to be a potter, to feel and to mold clay. For many years it was a hobby as I pursued my life’s work as a scientist. Since my retirement I have become interested in photography as well as my pottery and they have taken on a Wildlife and Nature theme. I see my interest in Wildlife and Nature as A CONTINUUM of my life’s work as a scientist. From my prior interest in and examination of the human species, to my more recent exploration of Mother Nature in all her majesty, the evolution has been quite natural. I love spending time outdoors observing and learning about wildlife, its beauty and its behaviors. Photographing wildlife can be particularly challenging as it often presents a moving target but it can also be very satisfying when you capture a moment in time. And I am fortunate to be able to travel the world to observe species that I could never see otherwise. Seeing an elephant in its natural environment, but so close that you could almost touch it, is truly a humbling experience. My hope is to capture and share a small part of what I have seen and experienced in my photography and in my pottery. More info here.