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Artist Talk w/ Maya Ben David: Coming of Age as a 'fake nerd' at Plug In ICA

  • Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art 460 Portage Avenue Winnipeg Canada (map)

Maya Ben David embodies characters and anthropomorphizes inanimate objects, such as airplanes and other machines. She constructs and interacts with alternate universes, largely through the Internet and videos, but also live performance. Negotiating this online presence within her art practice, Ben David reflexively addresses the complex commingling of agency and misogyny online platforms engender.

On Tuesday, July 25th at 7pm, Ben David will present a public artist talk and screening, marking the second public presentation programmed in conjunction with Wendy Book Club - session two of our 2017 Summer Institute research program, lead by Walter Scott and Niki Little. Ben David will familiarize Winnipeg with her practice, emphasizing the underpinnings of her work with personas and character development, addressing the limitations and freedoms of persona performativity on the Internet. She will introduce and expand on the concept of vore - “the desire to consume or be consumed by a fictional character”- as a tool for coping with anxiety. In drawing out the complexity of this social practice, Ben David will deconstruct the underlying misogynist culture present in many online forums such as 9gag,  Reddit and furry/anthro fandoms — with specific interest in the “fake nerd girl”, a term used to delegitimize women’s claim to “nerd content”. 

As part of this unique performative presentation, Ben David will also screen a recent short film titled Anthro Baseball (2017). More info here.