the merchant kitchen

314 Donald St.

Monday - Thursday: 11:30am - 2pm, 5pm - 11pm, Friday: 11am - late, Saturday: 5pm - late

204 615 2278

facebook: /themerchantkitchen  |  instagram: @themerchantkitchen  |  twitter: @themerchant204


The Merchant delivers an experience fuelled by years of travelling, eating, and cooking. Our family style menu is inspired by the street food of Latin and Asian cultures, which lends itself to a never ending blend of exciting flavours and dishes. Combined with a carefully curated craft cocktail, wine, and beer list, we promise to help you escape your daily routine and bring you an experience you will never forget!

The Merchant Kitchen is a Design Quarter Winnipeg members because Our goal was to create a space that reflected the experience we planned to deliver: an exciting, flavourful, and shared experience and an experience that evolves and changes on each visit. Every inch of the space was considered so that no matter where in the room you found yourself, the experience didn't end. Within one room we created flexibility, we pushed the boundaries with our shared washroom and dining areas, and we strived to create the potential to create unforgettable moments.