era bistro

85 Israel Asper Way

Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm (Wednesdays until 8pm), Sunday + Saturday: 10am - 4pm

204 289 2190

facebook: /erabistrocmhr  |  instagram: @era.bistro  |  twitter: @era_bistro


ERA Bistro's menu is creative and contemporary, with an emphasis on local, Fairtrade and sustainable ingredients. Featuring many vegan and gluten free items, ERA's menu aims to represent the vast potential of Canada's natural food resources, as well as how ethically-sourced products can enrich the dining experience.

ERA Bistro is a Design Quarter Winnipeg member because Located inside one of the world's most architecturally progressive buildings, ERA Bistro is a modern and unique space designed to bring people together in discussion and reflection. Featuring custom artwork, tables by local artisans and a beautiful outdoor patio. ERA Bistro is a stunning reflection of the building, the city, and the country that surrounds it.