canadian museum for human rights

85 Israel Asper Way

Seasonal. See website.

204 289 2111

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This national museum invites visitors of all ages and abilities to explore and reflect on human rights in Canada and around the world.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a Design Quarter Winnipeg member because A visitor's journey through the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has been described as architecture embodying the human quest; progressing from ground to sky, darkness to light - a metaphor for the struggle toward fully realized human rights for all.

The visionary building is a unifying symbol of concepts such as inclusion, accessibility, freedom, equality and dignity - ideas that have inspired Canadians to strive for human rights. Inspired by Canada's majestic natural domain - grasslands, deeply rooted tress, towering mountains, northern lights, snow, icebergs, water and sky - architect Antoine Predock's masterful design is evocative of numerous natural elements.

CAPACITY: Can accommodate groups of 30 -1200. See capacity chart.

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