cloakroom wellness

Photo by Mike Peters.

200 - 70 Albert St. / 246 McDermot Ave.

Monday - Sunday: 7am - 11pm

facebook: /cloakroomwellness  |  instagram: @cloakroomwellness |  twitter: @cloakroomWPG


Cloakroom is an organization that seeks to help nurture, encourage and balance the lives of others, by bringing us together in a beautiful space. We provide a welcoming space with 3000 square feet of ample room, 11 foot windows that provide plenty of natural sunlight, historical brick walls, and gleaming hardwood floors; the prefect ambiance for your next event.

Cloakroom is a Design Quarter Winnipeg member because It is our intention with this project to build communities, share in each other's passions, and raise the collective vibration of our amazing city. This space is inspired and run by Winnipeg fashion icon, Lennard Taylor, and is also connected to his storefront boutique at 246 McDermot Ave.

BOOKING: Book online using our website, or by emailing us directly to the above email. We look forward to being a part of what makes you smile and feel good!