"Blu Dot trending in Winnipeg" by jane puchniak

Winnipeg has long been known as a city where art and culture thrives. As this trend has flourished for decades, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more internationally beloved design brands are popping up in homes, local shops and our favourite public spaces.

You can’t go more than a few blocks in the Exchange District without spotting NUD pendant lighting (Bronuts) or M.A.D Furniture chairs (deer + almond), but it’s one pair of designers in particular who blanketed Winnipeg. Both the ethos and the design of the brand are said to have played a part.

Created in Minneapolis by two architects and a sculptor, Blu Dot opened their doors in 1997. They’ve been creating mindful furniture and lighting ever since.  

Little Sister Coffee Maker - Blu Dot Copper Real Good Counter Stools.jpg

“As the story goes, the Blu Dot creators were friends in college and shared a passion for art, architecture and design.  Once they wrapped their degrees, they were looking for modern design to furnish their first homes. The things they wanted they couldn’t afford and the things they could afford, they didn’t like. They figured they weren’t alone,” says HUT K shop owner, Tim Borys.

Little Sister Coffee Maker - Hot Mesh Chair.jpeg

They were right. Their college startup took off and Blu Dot now offers full collections of bedroom and living room furniture, storage, lighting and accessories around the world. Their pieces are design-forward, and easily accessible, and their commitment to a small environmental footprint reflects the changing mindset of today’s designers and homeowners. The next generation of Winnipeg business owners have also jumped on board.

“Blu Dot’s goal is to bring quality design to as many people as possible. It’s been rewarding to pair up new homeowners and local startups with the brand as it provides stunning, contemporary design without an extraordinary price tag,” says HUT K’s Business Manager Claire Li.

Where can you spot Blu Dot in Winnipeg? From cafes like Thom Bargen and Little Sister Coffee Maker to boutique sweet maker, Jenna Rae Cakes, you won’t need to look far to spot their designs in your favourite neighbourhoods. If you’re looking to purchase Blu Dot in Winnipeg, you can find it exclusively at the Exchange District furniture and lighting boutique, HUT K (200 Princess Street). Browse Blu Dot’s classic and spring collections at hutk.ca.


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