DESIGN QUARTER WINNIPEG is a curated destination experience within a walkable area of our city, creating a community of authentic, local retail + design culture. We are a non-profit, member-based organization aimed at providing an accessible resource for design-conscious consumers and local businesses to experience and connect with Winnipeg's central hub of creative and innovative destinations! The Quarter is comprised of Winnipeg's downtown communities, including the historic Exchange District, The Forks, and SHED district.


  • Position Winnipeg as a design city.

  • Increase appreciation of the area as a creative destination.

  • Increase attractiveness for visitors [locals + tourists].

  • Help small + local business by strengthening design tourism.

  • Implement collective marketing + host major events.

  • Enable business to business networking.

  • Act as an incubator for new innovation among members.

  • Encourage new design entrepreneurs to move into the area.



As a design-conscious consumer visiting central Winnipeg as a local or a tourist, you are able to pick up a map, visit our website, and follow us via social media to pinpoint all of the authentic, local, design-driven experiences our city has to offer. You can expect to take in the best in our city's local design retailers + studios, restaurants, fashion boutiques, art galleries, cultural events, and much more by participating in the Design Quarter's curated experience. Our connected community of creative retailers and makers are highlighted in this one navigable + walkable area of diverse design culture.


Photo by Mike Peters

Photo by Mike Peters

Johanna Hurme, 5468796 architecture inc. Founding Partner

Johanna Hurme, 5468796 architecture inc. Founding Partner

from our board chair + founder:

“Design Quarter matters as it strengthens Winnipeg’s reputation as a creative, interesting + design conscious city world-wide, and aims to help independent creative makers, organizations and retailers connect with their customers and one another. Winnipeggers and visitors benefit from having a clear design destination, a single portal to plan their experiences through, and our members benefit from the strength of the collective, whether it be marketing, support or creative collisions. Ultimately, creating a walkable, vibrant core area, and attracting + encouraging more locally owned businesses, creative enterprises and non-profits to flourish will have far reaching value to us all.”